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Each day you dress and enter the world, you are making a statement with what you wear. What are your clothes saying about you? While many brands allow you to be seen, we want you to be seen and heard.

Our Story

Founded by two best friends, DumbMoney Apparel launched in 2013. While working on separate projects, we realized we shared the desire to spread knowledge, encourage social consciousness, and challenge the status quo. Although fashion is our vehicle, DumbMoney is more than an apparel company. It is a movement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower. We believe in using fashion as a visual manifestation of what you stand for and against. By highlighting the positive and negative uses of money, we seek to increase awareness and inspire action.

Our Logo
Our logo, the reverse dollar sign, represents our goal of challenging the way people see and think. One glance at our logo, and you can’t help but see money differently.